Enterprise Old

Lighthouse Software Development Limited have been privileged to work with some high-profile public-sector clients using a number of technologies including:

  • Languages: Java, Python
  • Frameworks: Spring, Dropwizard, Microservices, Struts2
  • Web Services: RESTEasy, Jersey, Jackson, JSON
  • XML: Schema/DTD, JAXB, XJC, SAX, DOM, XPath
  • Persistence: JPA, Hibernate, JDO, JDBC
  • Databases: Oracle, H2, DB/400, MongoDB, MySQL
  • Build: Maven, Ant
  • Test: JUnit, Mockito, JMockit, EasyMock
  • Source Control: Git, Subversion, Microsoft VSS, Telelogic CM Synergy
  • GeoSpatial: ESRI ArcGIS, GeoServer, OGC (WFS, WMS, WCS, KML)
  • 3rd Party APIs: Quartz, Ehcache, Birt (Reporting), FreeMarker (Templating)
  • IDEs: Intellij, Eclipse

We have been privileged to foster a longstanding relationship with the Met Office and have contributed to the successful delivery of numerous software projects over the past 10 years.

Our experience and expertise include: Designing and writing core services for the public web site and mobile apps; Significant experience within the Defence sector, designing and building applications for use within the UK and NATO; and writing, deploying and supporting applications used in local government infrastructure management and planning.

As part of a wider team we have been involved in the successful rewrite of a knowledge management application for use by the wider MoD community.

All of the above has been carried out in conjunction with colleagues at Rowe IT, with whom we enjoy a longstanding and synergetic relationship.